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Naked Scotsmen
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Can't get enough of yon naked Scotsmen? Then you've come to the right place!

My theory is that every Scottish actor is required to sign an agreement before joining the profession that states that they must appear naked at some time in their career, either on-screen or on-stage. Growing numbers of naked Scotsman sightings bear this out.

To which I say: HALLELUJAH!!! Join us in a celebration of the Caledonian body beautiful. Share your sightings of naked Scotsmen, or better yet, your screencaps to share with the community. Also, since we all know that every true Scotsman is naked under his kilt, photos of Scotsmen in kilts are also encouraged.

Is this a silly reason to have a site? Of course it is!!!! So join in the fun while it lasts. No offense intended and hopefully none taken.

p.s. Please put photos behind an lj-cut, to avoid causing heart attacks in the community when we open our f-lists (okay, okay - actually it's to keep from shocking anybody at work who may be looking over your shoulder!)